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That was the most improper thing that had happened to him during his servitude and he hadn’t even been the one initiating it. The Earl would kill him. He would order him to drop dead right this instant if he would ever find out about this.


                                  м ι η є

                                                        a n d 

                                              { m i n e }

                                          α ℓ σ η є .
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Sebastian wouldn’t want to admit that he had been glancing at his wrist every so often lately, seeing that the numbers were quickly counting down, almost reaching their end. It wouldn’t take long anymore for him to find his soulmate and the man didn’t quite know how to feel about it.

Should he be nervous? He rarely ever was, but this time the ravenette couldn’t entirely deny that he was anxious. But he was looking forward to it at the same time, being curious and eager to see whom he would spend the rest of his life with.

And then it happened.

The numbers reached 00:00:00 and the male’s breath stopped for a moment. Slowly, as if afraid whom he would see, Sebastian’s eyes wandered up.

It was a female.

She had long. brown hair that swayed from side to side as she talked to someone, holding a flower in her hand and wearing a small smile on her face.

A sigh left the man’s lips.

She was pretty and seemed to be friendly, no? Maybe his nervousness - though, he really wouldn’t admit that - had been pointless. Should he approach her now?

"Some say that they were killed…Some say there was a disease that killed them off. It was most likely the Geostigma…It’s alien cells in the body, since the body rejects it, it fights. When it fights, it destroys itself and you end up dying…" The woman sighed before shaking her head before looking back at the other. Talk about depressing!

"Forgive me! I’ve just learned a lot about the theories about how they disappeared, and figured that you should know…unfortunately it gets pretty dark." The woman laughed a bit nervously before seeing his empty cup.

"Would you like more tea?"

Quite a few theories existed to explain those things, it seemed. Sebastian listened to the woman with interest, small nods being given to show that he understood but also that he was curious. Alien cells in their bodies—perhaps that sounded unlikely but did they honestly know? Who could say what was real and what had simply gone unseen so far?

When the female looked nearly a bit embarrassed about having talked about such a dark topic, the ravenette snickered. “It’s fine. I do want to learn about things like that even when no theory is truly proven – and I must admit that I find murky subjects rather fascinating.“ Not overly so, maybe, but dark things could be interesting. Just because something was a bit morbid didn’t mean it was a bad thing, after all.

“Ah, but yes, I would. Thank you.“

Sebastian offered his empty cup so she could refill it. “Don’t worry about freaking me out, though. I’m not one to judge and find something odd.“

"Happy Easter, everyone."