I welcome you. Please let me introduce myself. My name is Sebastian Michaelis and I am the humble servant to the Phantomhive Estate. Can I be of any assistence? {Roleplay-Blog for Sebastian Michaelis, Kuroshitsuji} ____________________________________________________
I like art, and by art I mean music, poetry, sex, paintings, the human body, literature.. All of this is art to me.
- Hunter Reveu
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Reunion {Sebastian and Vittoria}


"Now wait a secon—" She knew that look. Knew the moment he grabbed her that the line she had crossed was a line Sebastian would like to blur. Hell, even erase. She’d stopped breathing when he tilted her chin and the commanding way he kissed her, how was she supposed to retaliate? Obediently her lips parted.

Horrible idea.

His blood blossomed over her tongue slowly and she simply could not fight the urge that tore through her system like electricity. They had been firm with one another in bed, sure. And gentle. But the forceful hand in her hair was knew, tugging insistently that she give or that he would take. 

It took only the kiss.

She yanked, wiggling, pulling back only a fraction of an inch to let her tongue chase his lips of the red. Her lip twitched once before curling into a snarl, hopping back onto the desk and pulling him with her. One hand stole underneath his shirt, nails digging into flesh as her back dipped and both hands joined over his shoulder. 

By the time she pulled at his hair to remove his mouth from hers, there had been a subtle change. Panting through sharp teeth and black eyes her head tilted downward on a smug smirk revealing the softness of her ears having been exchanged for something hard and curling from the base of her soft tresses. 

She popped the button of his pants and with no hesitation her hands pushed their way in, making a naughty noise and she slides slowly off the desk, her body sliding and brushing against his. Hard. Eager. She squeezed in a slow stroke as her teeth nipped at skin.

Grabbing his tie with her teeth she pulled him slowly around the desk…

And put him in the chair.

Keeping his legs spread she happily propped one leg up, pulling the dress up bunching it about her hips before sitting slowly in his lap. 

His neck required her attention and she was not gentle when she bit him again. No loving preparation. No gentle licks. Just teeth and tongue and hungrily feeding from Sebastian, his blood thick on her tongue making her rut against him feverishly. 

When her head snapped back, swallowing and reveling in the way her body seemed lit like a fire from the inside out, the horns had grown and curled, messing her hair but she didn’t notice. 

They had no time for disrobing, not like they cared. It took merely a moment of shucking his pressed pants down slightly and rucking up her dress once more before she easily sheathed him. 

God she hot. 

"Ha-a…" It was always work, and she wriggled, mewling in delight when their hips met. One hand fisted into his hair to hold him beneath her, just right, just so she could see his face, neck pale until red seemed to explode from the side from her bites. Stark red and so wrong but so deliciously right

She was high. No simpler way to put it. Drugged. 

"You—" she stated darkly against his lips as her hips rocked forward before slamming down. "Are mine." Panting she licked his lip, "All mine. And you know it,” she taunted, giving his hair a tug. “Cause there’s no other reason why you’d let me dominate you. You want me to. You want me. Just say it Sebastian. Say it. No one is listening.”

Her tongue trailed his ear as she rocked, “It’ll be our little secret—”

There was no way for her to decline this; the demon wouldn’t let her. Vittoria tensed some, struggling, tongue tracing his lips and the next thing he knew was that he was dragged and pulled, sharp nails running over his skin, sinking into his flesh and the man all but purred into her mouth when she yanked at his hair roughly.


Yes, that was what he had been waiting for. She was a tame beast when around him, mostly, bowing her head and receiving his orders, but she had known from the start that this wasn’t all he wanted her to be. There was something utterly wild and dangerous about this woman and he surely didn’t want her to lose touch to this side of hers, even when it came to her master.

He wanted to see those horns covered in crimson.

But even more so, he wanted to replace her intruding hand with something else entirely.

Vittoria was harsh and quick, demanding, and an impatient growl rumbled in the back of his throat when he was pushed into the chair, the female bucking into him but still not being close enough and he bared his teeth with an eager flash of his eyes. She was sucking at his neck, getting drunk on him and the more blood stained her lips, the more he wanted to lick it all off and devour her whole. Hips lifted up some as she tugged at his pants, skirt pushed up her thighs and he snarled at the way she took control and lowered herself onto his girth.

A fang dug into his bottom lip, breaking skin. The man clawed at her hips, a frustrated groan stuck in his throat. She was holding him firmly, moving keenly, clenching around him just right as she held the demon in place. Putting him in his place, maybe. Black-clad legs spread, feet pressing firmly into the ground for him to gain leverage and subject her half-heartedly, bucking into her, pushing deeper. Usually dark-red eyes glowed a bright magenta, quick puffs of breaths spilling from parted lips.

She was teasing him and the edges of his lips curled into a tense, lopsided smirk that faltered whenever the hot pleasure that pumped through him got too much. “I have you,” the ravenette corrected, slightly out of breath, tearing at her dress because it so rudely hindered him from seeing the red lines he had left for sure, standing out proudly against the pale skin of her thighs. “I have you, and I will have you,” he swallowed a groan, hissing through his teeth, “Now, tomorrow, always.”

Just like she had him.

But he would be damned if he would admit that right now.

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Rσѕєѕ fяσм тнє ραѕт|| Rp with akumabutler



●▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬● In some way the admirable creature depended on him in order to survive, hunters would rapidly reach the scene and do everything to find out where the condemned’s princess was hidden. However, she was hoping that that hideout was perfect, at least was enough to survive on that night.

"Hai." She delivered, following him to the location he had mentioned earlier. The passage that she was facing was totally dark. So dark as a starless night sky, like an immeasurable tunnel and puzzling, without knowing concretely what would find in the following meter. Being a creature accustomed to live in darkness and wander through the night, see in the dark was an ability that the vampire had since her birth, it was something that was already in her blood. Hence, it wasn’t difficult to see what was right in front of her eyes, yet she had to admit that such place was creepy and antagonistic, just like the creature who was escorting her.


Perspicacity was definitely a characteristic that Sebastian had and she enjoyed it greatly. A basement was something too obvious and both would quickly be discovered. "I must say that’s a very sophisticated idea.— This door goes unnoticed and fits neatly in this environment, I assume that they’ll not even notice it." The brunette was plainly surprised by that. What secrets were hidden in that mansion in ruins What things were hidden in the walls, which seemed whisper words in the midst of darkness, trying to entice the most curious ones?

That was without a doubt the perfect solution to their problems, however there were some issues in the vampire’s mind. “Anou, are you sure that the other side of the room is large enough for both of us? The door is a bit…narrow I guess?” That wooden door had a unique size relative to the other ones.

There’s a pain in my heart, that reigns behind smiles as siding. There’s a body without time, which degenerates, already soulless, in a flame of suffering.

"If I felt you were a threat, I’d never put my life in your hands.— So I only hope the best from you." For now, the immortal didn’t feel in any way endangered by him. And such thing just showed that he was somehow worthy of her trust. "I promise to explain later a few more things about my peculiar species.— But I think it’s a priority we enter in this room. Onegai, can you open the door?" It’d be ungracious if she was the first to enter.

Not even the demon could know every secret this manor possessed and hid. It had been built long before he had lived there, after all; though, he supposed that the things that had occurred during his stay were already particular enough.

And he was very pleased to find that barely anyone had touched a thing in this building since he had left. The Phantomhive family had found its end with the death of the latest Earl, but the ravenette couldn’t have been certain that no one else would purchase the Estate later. However, it seemed that the mysteries and darkness that had always surrounded this house had been a rather effective method of keeping others away.

“Why thank you,” Sebastian responded contentedly. “I had hoped that the young lady would find it suitable.” Well, the female was right when stating that the room must be rather small, though. It was nothing more than a little chamber indeed, he would have to admit that much, but seeing that the door itself appeared to be more of a piece of decoration than something one could step through, it surely was a good hiding spot.

“It will do,” the man answered reassuringly, “I would not be so crude as to blatantly invade the young lady’s personal space more than necessary.” He still remembered the rules of etiquette – a noble vampire surely couldn’t be much different from a noble human a few centuries back. “But of course,” the dark-haired demon nodded, fingers curling around the doorknob and he twisted into the wrong direction, yet the door opened nevertheless. Another small precaution. The chamber behind the wooden door was revealed, offering enough room for three persons if they stood close and Sebastian gestured with his hand.

“They have entered the manor,” he told her, a quick frown flashing over his face. “Do step inside. If I may, I would like to ask one question, however,” the male began, not quite waiting to receive permission seeing that they barely had time for such pleasantries. “Will they be able to sense you?”

If so, they might be slightly confused about the second, unknown presence. Giving them a nice surprise could be an interesting and amusing thing.

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- akuma-butler is here -


Servant? Gaara wondered what it was before he was asked another question, about Mother.


"…Mother.. died.." He replied with a frown nervously.

”..How about your mother?” He asked in return, slightly curious.

Oh my, that hadn’t been the best question to ask, then. He surely hadn’t wanted to upset the boy in any way; quite the contrary, seeing that a crying child could quickly become rather overcharging.

"My apologies," the demon inclined his head, a somewhat surprised expression crossing his features when the young male asked about his mother. “I fear that I have no mother, either. However, are you all alone here?”

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