"Good evening, everyone."

After Easter Candy


In an attempt to keep Ciel from putting himself into some sort of sugar induced coma after any holiday involving candy, Sebastian had stashed away most of what the other received. However, with enough time left on his own, Ciel managed to find some of the hidden candy before Sebastian even came home.

He was well aware that this wasn’t all of the Easter candy that was left—as there was far more than what he found sent to him—but for now it would do. A pleased little grin was planted on his face while he ate piece after piece of sugary treats. And the moment Sebastian returned home and spotted him, Ciel didn’t even try to look guilty. He simply smirked and popped another piece of candy in his mouth.

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Show me disloyalty, I’ll show you detachment.


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Cᴏɴғᴜsɪɴɢ Mᴇᴇᴛɪɴɢ || Sᴇʙᴀsᴛɪᴀɴ Mɪᴄʜᴀᴇʟɪs & Vᴀʟᴀɢᴜᴀ Vᴀʟᴇɴᴛɪɴᴇ


|†| —— :      Nobody knows the real suffering of the soul. Even if one tried to express the feelings like the pain, the despair, the coldness, the loneliness, the ambition, the oblivion, the thirst for revenge…. None of that can be expressed nor put in words, they simply gave an idea of ​​what one can quickly hide behind that black veil. The true power of Hate can blind the gaze and cloud the judgment of a stable person, it can make a pure soul to fall into the depths of the abyss and ended up lost in the cloud of Betrayal, where light is invisible to the eyes and the color black reign without limits.

      Fear, distrust …. Anything that is negative only fed the beast, plunged the weak, destroyed the man and gave power to the Fallen. The feelings were something that only creatures like her had between thoughts, reaching sometimes to the point where they didn’t even know what to feel. Human Beings…. Always so fragile and sensitive. Beings who can be fooled easily using the appropriate sentences. The suffering manipulates the victim, confusing to those who give their grace to an endless Sea of Doubts. One after another, the whispers in her head will speak and discuss.

      Clearly sinking within the nightmares of this redhead, all those soft whispers, they all belong to one voice: The Daemon. With her ​​scarlet lips, each word she pronounced became into a sword, digging in the depths of your consciousness. Her golden orbs, so calculating and cold eyes, full of mysteries that a creature of the night would have only by nature. Fall before her feet and beg her for mercy. She doesn’t listen, because her goal is to kill you slowly and destroy you from the inside to the outside.





                     '͇͈̜—̩̜̝H̨͙̪u̬̜̺m̨͇͎a̬̻̮n̼̣̟s̰̜̣ ͍̦͜a̧̞͔r̨̟̻e̡̻͎ ̭̺͙s̪̞̩o̢̤̹ ̥̪͜e̖͈ͅa̡̦͓s̡̫̭y̫̮̹ ̺̲̫t̨̠ͅo͓̟̲ ̡͈̥b̨̫̤r͈̬͉e̡͖̻a̪̮̯k̠͎̜.͇̞̞.͓̣͍.̻̘͜.̧̙̲—̡̘̭'͍͉̻

      The first time she had to end with the life of more than one human, she didn’t feel anything. No regret ran through her veins, no reaction at all… But that was through the power of the Black Angel. The Dark Being who was inside her and had taken control at the time. A macabre dance that ended all the lives that were within the Organization. And outside of it. Families were destroyed, kids were found dead, a entire city had to move away. It was like a gift coming from the Hell itself…. And she didn’t want it. She was treated always like a WEAPON. A gun with no stop. A creature with no soul nor heart…. No mercy, no thoughts….

                                                                     ησт ησтнιηɢ…     


      Her red lips couldn’t help but split, listening to the young man apologizes again. "No need. But thanks anyway, Mr. Michaelis." Giving a slight bow as a gesture of appreciation, the girl remained in place without much knowledge about what would be most appropriate to speak. She usually didn’t talk with people, nor was used to be around them. Pain was everything they would give. That was what she knew, and that was what she kept in mind.

      The breeze coming from the north again were heard inside of her persona, along with a name that never belonged to her. 'Why, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance then, Miss Valentine'. That last name was one of the few words she was able to recover after the loss of memory when she was just a child. Even now, Valagua had troubles to react in front of a name that was never hers. A name that meant what she could give, but what she would never be able to prove. Nodding gently, she replied seconds later. "A pleasure to meet you as well, Sebastian Michaelis." Maybe it was not the best answer she could give, but it was the most common, wasn’t it? That’s what normal people would answer.

      The next question that came before her was the staying overnight that seemed to stretch without measure. One night in which she would have nothing to do at least that nightmares awakened her of a second to another, as had happened a few minutes ago. And to be honest, she was under no good mood to repeat it again. "I think you have a lot of things to do…" The redhaired female began to speak as she fixed her gaze on those red eyes. So unique and at the same time, appreciating how familiar they seemed to be familiar to her memory. However, she couldn’t put any of her hands into the fire for something that had no rhyme or reason. "I will leave you alone then, mister."

The suffering of the soul. The demon had experienced it countless times before; screams of pure agony, pain, misery—none of this was strange to the man. And yet all of it was. He had witnessed it, the purest form of suffering, but he had never felt it for he had no soul. He fed off of those feelings, the hurt, the fear; the ravenette devoured it all, and then he moved on. None of those beings feeling those things had ever been interesting to him, not truly. There was no need for him to understand – he only had to taste and engulf. Agreeing to a contract like the one he had formed with the young Earl was something rare; Sebastian wasn’t used to working for something, to have something denied, but in the end, it would make the meal all the more precious.

Did the woman have anything precious to her?

She was alone – there, at least – and it didn’t seem as though someone would be waiting for her return. Though, that was the common thing for someone like herself, wasn’t it? Solitude. Wandering around aimlessly, just like the female was about to do this night. The butler didn’t know a single thing about her apart from her name – and that there was something about her he couldn’t entirely comprehend in this moment. The pain, the suffering, was suppressed as well as the hatred. None of it was directed at him, none of it was surrounding her openly. Yet.

Though, finding out about the creature residing within her, the demon would perhaps be amused even. There was nothing wrong with tempting, dark whispers, with the desire to devour, with greed. The butler didn’t look at but of course he would understand. Those feelings, he knew. All too well. Perhaps he had given it up to simply destroy, to wreck and destruct and feed and swallow, but he remembered those times. He remembered the boredom and the temptation, the thrill of being powerful, to choose not to listen to their begging because he could crush them like insects.

He wouldn’t judge.

Human beings were pathetic. There were so many of them but each single one valued their life more than anything in the world. They clung to it even when they had lost everything else. No matter what situation they found themselves in, each of them would lie before his feet, pleading for their unneeded existence. Almost all of them were like this. It was special to find one that was different. There was no need to feel guilty after having taken a life, be it the life of an old man or a little child. Their existence had no meaning to this world. But they could be fed on.

The difference, however, was that no one but his master had ever used the demon as a weapon. He had his own free will, made his own decisions because no one should ever dare to tell him what to do but the boy he had claimed, and even that only happened for a prize.

An acknowledging hum sounded from the man’s throat when she responded, a common, empty phrase leaving her lips just like the one he had uttered himself. “That I do,“ the ravenette agreed, though also not sounding as though he was in a rush. “I do hope that the Young Miss will find a pleasant place to spend the night at,“ Sebastian added, the tone of his voice all too genuine as he spoke. “It was an interesting visit, Miss Valentine.“