I welcome you. Please let me introduce myself. My name is Sebastian Michaelis and I am the humble servant to the Phantomhive Estate. Can I be of any assistence? {Roleplay-Blog for Sebastian Michaelis, Kuroshitsuji} ____________________________________________________
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Ciel didn’t back away as Sebasitan prowled closer, shaking his head as he gave a low growl. Though, he did take a step back as Sebastian stated the first question, his eyes widening for only a brieff moment before hissing. He didn’t like the idea. He glared, as hard as he could, still listening as he tried to stand his ground. 

He shook his head, almost not thinking his assumptions were wrong. 

He didn’t want to wait and see if his assumptions were wrong. It could end up breaking him for good, breaking the last bit of pride he had. His gaze faltered, and he let out another warning hiss, clawing in Sebastian’s directions as his tail flicked behind him. He wanted so badly to grip the chance that dangled in front of him, but every time he had done that in the past, it had been wrong and harsh, and unforgiving.

"No one had ever been there to catch me. Why would you be any different?" He questioned, his voice still rumbling from a growl. If he left, he was sure to get taken, but he might get taken here. Sebastian was probably planning with the other demon, and wanted to get his trust before he did anything.

After a few minutes, he sighed, his tense posture slackening as he looked at the ground, still glaring at it. “I’ll trust you this time, Sebastian.” He growled out, shaking his head. He was probably wrong, Most likely wrong. “I’ll stay and let myself fall. I’m not keen on that. If you don’t catch me, I will end up fighting you, even if it would do nothing.

The demon could have hurt him before – and really, perhaps the young male couldn’t have blamed him, either. He had disregarded what the man had told him, had hissed and clawed at him what he had been supposed to take a bath, had ruined Sebastian’s shirt—but instead of getting harmed, Ciel had gotten breakfast. Of course, this could only be a ploy to gain the other’s trust and make the game more amusing, and nothing more, but the ravenette found he had already proven that he was different than the others. He was sure that none of them had done what he had done for Ciel.

And that was why it would damage the young demon for good if Sebastian were to let him fall all the same. It would be a betrayal, and those hurt more than being harmed by someone you expected nothing else from. But the other truly didn’t have another option unless he wished to be caught and suffer through even more pain and mistreatments right away.

“Because I can be,“ the ravenette retorted, obviously not fazed by the warning signs the young male gave. Ciel could hiss and growl as much as he wanted, they both knew that he wouldn’t stand a chance. It wouldn’t take longer than a few seconds to defeat the little one in something that couldn’t even be considered a fight.

Slowly but surely, a smile found its way to the demon’s lips as Ciel seemed to relax, voice and the look in his eyes still implying that he was more than wary, but he wouldn’t struggle anymore. Sebastian was content and it was clearly visible on his face. “Very well then. So you shall either be looking forward to a brighter future, or to fighting for the last shred of dignity you still possess.“ Was their discussion over and done with? The ravenette doubted that the young demon would still act the same around him now.

He would have to start anew to earn the other’s faith.

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Reunion {Sebastian and Vittoria}


It was like swallowing fire, having it boil in her stomach, then vomiting it back up. Phenoix ash was damn near impossible to come by. Had been the downfall of her predecessor but she often times had asked her self, what exactly was the chance of success that the angels would go so far to procure it. 

After all, the last one had died, hadn’t it?

Nevertheless it was hard for her to keep an eye out for them both. Somewhere in her head she absolutely refuse to believe a little thing like poison would actually be her end. 

Castiel thought so. Even if Sebastian, with all that force had come barreling forward, taking him off guard, it wouldn’t be enough. Blade clashing with claws, he knew the way his own body jerked, he was not prepared for this power

Every time Castiel thought he had found an out, to gain leverage, it was a trap, claws slicing into the vessel, causing harm and pain. So caught up in his own battle for dominance with the monster of a man who did not give him a single second to recover, he didn’t notice the way the other angels (or were they demons now?) flocked away. 

Chanting softly, almost with concern:

Long Live the Queen.

It was a long shot for certain, Vittoria knew it, knew the quicker this would happen, the better chance she would have of making it, so wiping her pale lips across the back of her trembling hand, she accepted the aid of the tainted angels to get to her feet.

For a second she almost smiled.

If Sebastian had wanted to kill Castiel he easily could have. No he was playing with him like a toy, bending it and twisting him and doing as he pleased, breaking bits and pieces here and there. 

If only she had the time to just watch Sebastian work. Watched her master be the monster she absolutely knew he could be. Watch him spill blood, splatter it, tears limbs and oh god, the wing torture…

Just the thought of what he could do with a little helpless angel truly sent a tingle of sinful pleasure through her entire being, stamping out the sickening numbness that was making it’s way from her toes and upward.

But she had no time to play naughty thoughts that way. 


Those teeth. That look. Castiel would swear any day it was as if he were fighting the might of hell in one person. Swinging his blade almost carelessly, triumphantly he felt it strike flesh. 

Oh he thought he had won.

Upon turning with a sneer, it feel at the sight of the woman, his blade pierced clean through her shoulder.


One hand raised gripped his hand tightly and removed the blade slowly. 

"I have a crown to wear," she stated softly, "Do you think I’m going to let you wear it? No no no no." 

With a crack, bone snapped, tore through skin and Castiel came to one knee. 

One bare foot pressed onto his shoulder and as if she were royally walking down the street, stood on it until it too cracked. Followed by her other foot on his sternum, and she didn’t stop hopping until that cracked as well.

Oh revenge never felt so sweet. 

She sniffed, blood dripping from her nose, from her ears now but it didn’t stop her. 

"I could take heaven if I wanted it Castiel. I could take you, your vessel if I desired it. But that would be too kind of me. No I want you to die among your brethren with one final thought."

"If God had intended you to succeed in this endeavor, do you think so many of you would’ve died? Will die? How many do you think will fall?" 

At that his head snapped up. One hand cast out the doors of the church opened, her black eyed wonders filing in line with one another, stepping out.

"They are going to turn as many as they can. And when these new demons are cast to Earth, Fall as Lucifer fell, well, you can expect me to be there to catch them all."

One bare foot pressed at his neck, a hand tangling in his hair as she crouched.

"You will die!" he hissed.

"Not before you—"

"Go on! It won’t matter!"

"Oh it will."

She flexes a hand and tilts his head back. “I want a special reward for this.”

She parts his lips and his eyes widen as the first of her fingers delve inward, followed by the entirety of her hand. His jaw cracks, breaks, inviting her now to push past teeth and tongue, his throat, going until she’s at least up to her elbow in him, and she purrs to her self (It’s a wet purr, chest cavity filling with blood as the poison begins to destroy vital organs) and mutters, “Oh no where is it, I know it’s here. Oh! Now there it is!”

And pulls it out.

It’s a singular second that the grace exists in hand, brilliant whiteish blue, flickering.

Castiel can’t manage a sound as she taints it and swallows it whole

His look of horror is amusing, and she gives him a fond chuckle.

"It’s been swell—"

And makes no move to end him. His humanly wounds will do that for him. So she stands, and watches the life leave him with intent eyes, watches the way blue goes grey before she can let the show of being strong fail her. 

She almost collpases, the venom spreading black like veins along her chest, her fingers.

She’s not sure they’ll make it in time but she does her best to not give Sebastian even a whisper of a doubt that she’s going to be fine.

"We must hurry to Purgatory. Shall we?" 

He didn’t know where they had gotten this from, how they had managed; he didn’t care about any of this at the moment. What he knew though, was that they would never be able to repeat this. Of course the man couldn’t be sure if Vittoria would be okay, if she wouldn’t survive this perhaps, but having her die was simply not an option at all. And since he couldn’t do anything to undo what had been done, he could only get rid of the person who did all this now.

That angel didn’t deserve the mercy of a quick death. Just killing him would be much too kind. It would only be a flash of pain and then the light of life would slowly bleed from his eyes, leaving them wide and staring but seeing nothing. That wasn’t what the demon wanted. He wanted the man to scream and yell, cry, bleed and shake, tremble from the agony he felt so much that he could barely hold him. That was what Castiel deserved for what he had done. For simply existing. That, and so much more.

Sebastian was so focused on the angel that he didn’t quite notice what was going on around them, either. All he saw was red.

He would take more time for this if they weren’t in a hurry. The woman was injured – dying? – and while Eve was with the young master and Castiel’s little army wasn’t entirely on his side anymore, it would be better to not waste any more time than necessary. The angel was lucky, in that sense. Death would come quicker than the ravenette wanted.

Before Sebastian could finally take his life, though, they were interrupted. The blade didn’t meet with his flesh but instead Vittoria’s, and she didn’t look fazed by the new wound it had caused her. It seemed as though she wanted to finish what the demon had started. Usually, he wouldn’t let that happen. Castiel had become his opponent; it was his job to end him. But if the female felt she had a personal vendetta to tend to, he could let her have this moment.

Oh and he enjoyed watching her. He enjoyed it almost as much as causing the angel the same pain himself.

A human with her injuries were long since dead. There was crimson, pouring from her ears and nose, pouring from her wounds but she stood, head held high. She would survive, wouldn’t she? He hadn’t given her permission to die and at this point, he was rather convinced that this would never happen. Demons did live a long life, that much was true. And if he couldn’t have her then no one else would be allowed. But she would stay, and he wouldn’t let her go. It would be foolish, after everything that had already happened, no?

Perhaps the woman was even crueller than he was, at times. The expression on the angel’s face was something the man surely wouldn’t forget so quickly, a content smile dancing on his lips. He would die as nothing special, nothing that took too much effort. He would die like a human. Alone. Forgotten.

Though, Vittoria could barely stand. Her strong facade hardly did anything to hide that fact. Her life was still in danger no matter how good of an actress she could be. Huffing, more so to taunt than to voice an annoyance that simply wasn’t there, the ravenette took a little step closer, one hand resting on the small of her back, the other arm curling around the back of her thighs and he lifted her up into his arms. The smile on his face didn’t die – because she wouldn’t, she wouldn’t dare to even just think about it – as he headed out.

“Let us go, then.“

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鬼執事と愛書家 || @akuma-butler ||


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She could hear the taunt in his voice and threw him an annoyed glance. “Well, move those long legs of yours, hm? You’re walking slower than my grandma…” Didi shot back, not about to let the man’s teasing go unpunished. Like she stated before she could handle herself just fine; from thieves to condescending men.

It was clear that he had managed to irritated her and Sebastian flashed a cheerful smile at her retort. Nevertheless, she wasn’t angry enough to want to be left alone. “Oh my, you are in a hurry though, it seems.“ Perhaps she was eager to be home and get some sleep? Not that the female looked particularly tired. “I assume someone might be awaiting you?“

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Definitely Wasn’t Water


The teen pressed his thumb and index finger against his closed eyelids and sunk deeper into his desk chair. It had been over an hour since he had sent his butler into the city with his orders, and now he was going to miss tea time. Tch. Worth your salt? With an exasperated sigh the earl rose slowly from the chair and strode across the room with a strong and confident stride that went uninterrupted even when he reached the door and pulled it open in a single fluid motion.

His walk through the estate was melancholic and dull. Each turn brought him closer to his destination though and that he could appreciate. Since he didn’t hear and explosions or see noxious smoke emanating from the kitchen doorway he assumed that the three of his less enigmatic staff members were away as well. The boy ran a hand through his already tousled hair and entered the large, opened room. Well it can’t be THAT hard.  And so the youth went to the smaller room that branched off from the larger and began perusing the numerous shelves until he found a little tin full of leaves from a simple citrus tea. After that was accomplished he continued walking farther into the room until he found a clear pitcher filled with an equally clear liquid. With both of his hands full the boy walked back into the large room and set down his findings on the middle counter space, before setting out to find a cup and a steep. After returning with his new conquest Ciel to making the appropriate preparations to his cup and then went to the stove to to start a kettle.The stove though proved to be much more complicated to operate than it had been to find all of his ingredients. Tch.I suppose lukewarm will have to do.

After a few moments of letting the leaves flavor the liquid that he had poured into his cup the raven-haired boy disposed of the leaves and left the kitchen with cup and pot in hand. Once he reached his game room he set the porcelain down on the wood and began to drink deeply from the cup. The strong citrus flavor caused his tongue to tingle, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary to the teen until an hour later when the cup and pot were equally empty and lying haphazardly on the floor where he had dropped them. 

At first his laugh was barely audible, starting out as nothing more than a giggle that grew into almost hysterical chuckles. The normally composed youth ran around the room, jumping on the furniture, throwing items around, and even stripping his clothes off piece by piece leaving a shoe in the fireplace and his pants and shirt buried with the potted plant in the corner. When he finally noticed the dark form in the doorway he hiccuped loudly and gave a clumsy wave.

Honestly, the boy couldn’t blame him. The errands he was supposed to run were easy enough to take care of but the way into town was rather long, and of course it took a while for the man to arrive there and return to the manor. They both knew that Sebastian could be much faster if he were allowed to use his own abilities instead of relying on a carriage pulled by horses. Though as it was, the young male had ordered him to do everything the human way and so he shouldn’t complain when his servant took longer than he wanted him to. It wasn’t as though the demon purposely wasted time.

As a matter of fact, the dark-haired male would prefer being back quicker, as well.

He disliked it when something messed with his daily schedule, perhaps even more so when he himself was the cause in any way. It was rather frustrating to sit in a vehicle, watching as the scenery passed by much too slowly. Perhaps he should ask the young male again if he could quicken the process of getting duties done a bit. After all, he could easily imagine that the boy was annoyed, as well.

It was already time for his afternoon tea, after all.

However, Sebastian wouldn’t guess that the young male could attempt to prepare his tea himself. His master had trouble tying his own shoe laces and combing his own hair properly; it was unlikely that he was skilled enough to make tea. Especially so since the boy was quite spoiled and would probably end up huffy when it didn’t work as he thought it would. It was more difficult than it looked.

How wrong the butler was indeed.

Another hour later, the ravenette finally climbed out of the carriage. A silent sigh left him as he headed towards the main entrance, being completely unsuspecting of what had happened in the Estate while he had been gone. Though—something quickly seemed off as soon as he had stepped foot into the building. Had he just heard laughter? Now that was unusual. Very peculiar. He knew the young male didn’t have a guest – not that he would act like this then either – and he honestly couldn’t remember a single moment in which he had heard a noise like this coming from the boy. Something was wrong.

And Sebastian understood as he stood in the doorway, glancing at the mess his master had created. The smell in the room was distinct.

The Earl was drunk.

There was a disapproving frown on his forehead as the butler approached the young man, another, louder sigh escaping his lips. “Oh my, my lord,“ the demon uttered as though he was disappointed. How had that even happened? “May I ask what the young master did while I was away? Can he not be left alone for an hour or two?“ Sebastian swiftly went to pick up the clothes the other had disregarded, disliking the chaos. “Perhaps he should get some rest to sleep it off?“

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"Ah... Hello, mister. I got lost... Could you please tell me where am I?" Ukyo brushed the back of his neck, looking at the raven with a nervous smile.



The dark-haired butler flashed a polite smile, carrying a brown bag filled with groceries in his arms as he was just on his way back to the carriage. “Good day to you, as well. Why of course, you are in the centre of London, quite near the Thames” the man responded, hoping that this would help the anxious looking other.

⊰☽⊱ —— :          They could be children, but they never were stupid. That was something he thought and always will think. Just because they were children didn’t mean they didn’t have the enough ability to know something. And, in the case of the Earl, if he was here, was because he was mature enough to be able to hand what it was necessary. He felt a little odd. Looking at the Phantomhive’s Head was something he never expected from his work, but that he faced a young boy was something even more unexpected. His emeralds could see that not everything was happiness and tranquility on the Earl’s life, though. Between us, the man was almost uncapable to feel it… It was more the bother he caused by his words and the serious sensation around his aura that called his attention in some way, because, at his age, he should enjoy from the toys and games…

          Keeping the cordial and formal features that were needed for his work, the photographer still didn’t pronounce a word, just appreciating the boy’s ones as he asked innerly if it would have been better to keep himself quiet… Fights? He preferred the avoid them as much as possible, knowing the consequences that could bring them and, honestly, he wasn’t that kind of guy…. As the voice of Ciel reached his ears, he turned his attention to the young one once again, his blue hair shinning because of the light coming from the candles and the sun itself.


          Standing up with care, his hands raised, trying to explain that as soon as they allowed it and were okay from them, it was more than alright. ❝Humn. I can work with what the Earl wants to share with me. I won’t ask more than what you agree. ❞ He knew that persons had their own secrets, and he would respect them all along. ❝As well, I appreciate it. ❞

Sometimes, it didn’t matter at all just how long a human was. They said that wisdom came with age but more often than not, that simply wasn’t the case. Sebastian had met many humans, some of them fairly young, some of them on the verge of death, and he had quickly learned that a few years more or less weren’t what was important. The Earl of Phantomhive was mature for his age. He was intelligent and wicked if he needed to be, and he had a lot of responsibility. An example of what could become of someone when they had to grow up too quickly. Though, that was surely what distinguished him from other boys his age. He wasn’t happy and had fun. There was no place for happiness in the place he lived in. And while the demon knew that the young male was a fantastic actor that could make almost everyone believe otherwose, he was also always aware that his smile was nothing but feigned.

That was what made the photo shoot interesting for the butler.

The Earl gave a curt nod at the photographer’s reply, waiting to straighten himself until Sebastian returned with the clothes. They were of a blue color, not quite as dark as the boy would usually wear because he could hardly look as though he was on his way to a furneral during this shoot. Hopefully the other male would approve; though he didn’t seem like someone who would try to convince him of something when he already made it clear that it wouldn’t happen.

“Finny shall show you the room we have prepared while I change the young master, if that would be alright?“

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Nightshift with akuma-butler


She couldn’t stop the smile that pulled up her lips but another yawn came from her as she covered her mouth to try and muffle it. “Of course not, I can make up the guest bed if you’d rather sleep in there….”

Truthfully she had a crush on Sebastian and was a bit worried he’d see her in the morning and think ‘oh wow that is so not sexy..’ or something equally embarassing, but at the sametime she knew he wouldn’t…

"I think I will get some sleep…if you want to watch TV go ahead, the noise wont bother me, and if there’s something you want to watch on pay per view that’s fine…"

“The couch is quite alright, thanks.“ She had already prepared that and he knew the piece of furniture wasn’t uncomfortable. And, if he would wake up early, he could quietly leave without bothering the female. The guest bed simply wasn’t as close to the door as the living room. Rose really needed some sleep.

Sebastian would take the offer; watching TV would quickly lull him to sleep and he had the feeling that the low noise would also reassure the female of the fact that she wasn’t alone in the house indeed.

The last comment made the man snort though.

“I think moaning noises might keep you awake,“ the man taunted, certainly not planning to watch on pay per view. “Perhaps I could lend one of your DVDs or something. I’m sure I could find something good there.“

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